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FOREX Package

i-Account has a cooperative relationships with third-party Forex Trading System "TFTrader". Customers who have TFTrader accounts can instantly recharge using i-Account.

What is TFTrader?
Developed jointly by broker, white labels, IB, traders and other industry experts, it provides support ranging from development, sales, marketing to post-sale. It adopts a full-range perspective and is the industry's most advanced, highly flexible FX trading platform.
We recommend the TFT system developed by our company to all operators. TFT is a foreign exchange trading platform that takes into account various social network functions.
To offer entertainment and make transactions beyond "profit and loss", fun is also a mission of our company.

Its main feature is uniquely combining entertainment to the trading platform. It offers unprecedented features such as points, tracking, pursuit, badges and AURA. It has also included replication transactions, MAM and other unique corporate features.

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TFTrader features

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