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This is Magento, a standard system for EC websites.

What's Magento

Magento is used in over 150,000 EC websites. It is a world standard open source EC platform.

Magento is an EC platform with various features, which was developed using open source technology. It was released in March 31st of 2008.
Magento is very flexible, allowing you to build a store with adjustable contents and features. In the Magento management screen, you can use strong marketing, SEO, and product management features to build a special store just for you. It also features a high scalability and expandability. With Magento and Magento partners, they provide the ultimate EC solution.

i-Payments was made and released using Magento extension features.

We knew that when installing third party systems, technical issues would take up a lot of time. So, we made an extension (plugin) specifically for the Magento system to make our operation go smoothly.

If you are already using Magento, you can install the i-Payments extension and let the end-users pay with credit cards such as VISA/MasterCard/CUP.

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