The most accessible international account

Good news for credit merchants! What is the synergy effect of i-Payments + i-Account?

"If you are in the "high-risk industry", most likely installing the right payment system is a big concern.

Perhaps you gave up once because you couldn't install a global payment system like Visa or MasterCard.
Even worse, you may have incurred losses because the payment system malfunctioned, or faced trouble such as theft through charge-back. If so, please read on.

Simply put, i-Payment is an online payment system (payment agency system) for credit cards.
If you install i-Payments, you can make online transactions with ease using the same network as Visa/MasterCard/CUP/AMERICAN EXPRESS.
Even better, there is no screening, so it only takes 1~2 days to start using our services.

Furthermore, to avoid putting excess weight on your cash flow (when it takes 1~2 months for deposit), which occurs frequently with payment agency companies, you can deposit your funds once a week from i-Payments to your i-Account. (In the future, even on the next day!)

i-Payments comes with an original charge back prevention function. We also have a risk management desk to minimize losses from charge back, using our past experiences.

As a safety measure, i-Payments has PCI-DSS installed, a high standard global systems, to protect the funds of our merchants. As seen here, by using i-Payments and i-Account, your fund management problems will be a thing of the past.
There is a special account just for merchants in i-Account. Using various original features of i-Account, you can use an easy-to-use international online account for all your business needs.
For companies, i-Account offers numerous special features. For instance, you can set to make money transfers to multiple accounts in advance, and make reservations for automatic payments/deposits.
There is also a corresponding prepaid card, so you can withdraw local currencies from ATMs around the world, or use them to purchase goods at online shops and stores that accept international card brands.

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