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Charge and Pay anywhere! Have a comfortable, worry-free business trip with a prepaid card.

M(male) is a salesman at a small company. He travels around the world to spread his company's product. He has a credit card, but cash comes first. Paying small bills with a credit card "can be troublesome when you think about the store, as well as the handling fee". Traveler's check ended in March of 2014 in Japan, so he has to exchange currencies locally.

But changing currencies and carrying local cash had its downside.
"The exchange rate fee at the airport is expensive. Carrying lots of cash is worrisome too. But I don't want to have to go exchange money every other day..." He has used a prepaid card overseas, but "I can't use this in Japan, even though it's my own money (laughs)". He will be going abroad again, but it just doesn't feel right.

Then, M started using the "convenient" i-Account + prepaid card. If you have Internet, you can charge your prepaid card from your i-Account anytime. You can withdraw local currencies from ATMs. "I no longer have to look for places to exchange money. I can withdraw the right amount of cash. I no longer have to stress about money overseas. When I go back to Japan and I have some left over, I can buy souvenirs for my family. Even better, I can go grab a few drinks (laughs)".

The credit card feature is also prepaid. "I don't have to worry about spending too much" says M. He no longer needs to manage money on his business trip, resulting in a more enjoyable and fruitful trip.

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