The most accessible international account

You can perform transactions anytime using your smart phone!

Smart phones and the Internet have become indispensable tools, you cannot do without them in everyday life. In business, their use are even more widespread.

It goes without saying that you can use i-Account on your smart phone too. It provides users with the most suitable equipment interface and strives to improve users' convenience.

Instant completion when receiving payment via your smart phone

  1. You often need to confirm payments, check balances and receive money while you are away from home. This trustworthy tool can help you when you are travelling for pleasure or for business.
  2. If your credit card has insufficient funds while you are in a restaurant, you can just recharge on the spot and be free of worries.
  3. When travelling abroad, you do not ever have to exchange your money for local currency - convert the currency on your mobile and withdraw cash using your card.

It has been optimized for iOS and Android. Its design is simple, elegant and convenient to operate

The mobile version has been optimally designed for best operation on iOS and Android. It automatically identifies the client and selects the user interface most suitable for you.
It uses a favorite feature to allow you to perform all transactions on your home key.

The following demonstrates the operational process:

  1. Start the smartphone browser App.
  2. Open URL
  3. Once it appears on your phone screen, add it to your browser's favorites so that next time you can open it right away.

A mobile App (iOS, Android) is being planned for development

To offer our customers greater ease when they use our products, we are planning to develop a mobile App (iOS, Android).
We will continue to work hard in the future and strive to present our customers with the most satisfying website and App.

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