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Here is how you can make instant deposits to TFTrader, a FX platform.

TF Trader is one of the best FOREX trading platforms in the industry. It was developed by brokers, white labels, IB, traders, and other professionals with sales, marketing, and after-follow in mind. TF Trader system has original features not found in any other systems, so a user will enjoy business transactions with ease and comfort. TF Trader is not only superior in terms of technical analysis. It also has mile, follow, badge, aura, and other functions. It is designed to provide traders with a better business experience.

To make use of TF Trader features and enjoy FX trading, smooth deposits are a must. Conventional methods take too much time, making it difficult for instant deposits.
If you have an i-Account, you can make use of MoneyPlatform features with ease and enjoy FX trading.

If you link TF Trader and i-Account, not only can you make instant deposits, you can also use various original features of i-Account to use your international online account with safety and ease.
Income from FX trading can be wired to your bank account via i-Account. You can also charge it to international prepaid cards. You can withdraw local currencies from ATMs around the world, or use them to purchase goods at online shops and stores that accept international card brands.

We also provide various features for FOREX brokers.
FOREX brokers can use the TF Trader system and use customized features, as well as manage revenue with i-Account.

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