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Money Infrastructure

We work with major suppliers to cooperate with our advanced technology, the development of a set of money in & out program to improve the core user to solve the problem of payment channels

Digital Banking


After the prepaid card is bound to Account, through the prepaid card to use Account balance in the MasterCard or VISA marked with ATM or shops

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i-Payments is our credit card online payment system(gateway). Settlements to your accounts(Account) are processed once a week. Our solution is optimized for Magento, the ecommerce open source software. So you can quickly integrate i-Payments credit card payment service as long as you use Magento. But we can also integrate with other ecommerce platforms.

Cards Payment Solutions

Alternative Payment Solutions


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PPS offers smooth processing of payments for organizations, businesses, products and service purchase support companies that rely upon settlements and commission payouts, as well as collections internationally

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Cypto Currency & Forex exchange

TF Trader is designed for satisfying the various demands from brokers, WLs, IBs and traders.With the concerns for its practicability in sales market and the area of AfterFollow, our experts contribute to explore the possibilities of developing TF into one of the best trading platform that with high flexibility and advanced technology.

MT4 is a professional online trading platform that provides financial institutions with Forex, precious metal and futures trades.It also provides brokers with integrated online services such as back office supports. Till now, over 100 brokers and banks have been using this platform.

Now you can enjoy foreign exchange transactions and nowadays the most popular virtual currency transactions in one App.
DCTrader imports the world's leading remittance solutions which are bank transfer, credit card, third-party wallet and virtual currency recharge.

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